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Husband just diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Please advise.

From: worriedwife - 9 years 8 weeks ago

My husband is 53 years old and was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer 3 weeks ago. Last december, he was having a hard time swallowing (I am not sure how long that had been going on)and went to his PCP. She said he had "thyroid nodules", did an ultrasound, put him on sythroid and told him to come back in 4 months for another ultrasound. I forced him to see my doc for a 2nd opinion a week later. My doc said he would do the same thing. Husband went back for the next ultrasound (7 months later) in July and the nodules had "grown a lot". Two days later, he had a biopsy which showed papillary cancer. He then had a neck CT. He is scheduled for a complete thyroidectomy in 2 days. The same day of his July ultrasound, he filed for divorce from me. I had NO notice or suspicion, nor have I done anything to deserve this. Can his thyroid problems be causing his decision making be eratic or am I trying to make excuses of why this is happening? I really don't understand and am trying to make sense of this. Also, He worked in a nuclear facility 14 years ago for 10 years.
His mother died of a brain tumor 3 years ago. Last thing, I didn't think papillary cancer was fast growing or could the biopsy not be accurate? Thanks for your help in advance!

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Only from what your telling here. Thyroid can cause emotional issues. Also if he has family history of cancer. Maybe he wants to save you from any care giving issues. Maybe he would conceider counciling. I am sorry you are going threw this . Hope it all works out for you. The nuke stuff could be why he got it to. My husband today was told he might have cancer going for second opinion. But she said it rarely takes life and thyroid cancer is very slow moving. They just caught my husbands. He has trouble swallowing to but his doc said it wouldnt be from the nodules because in his case his thyroid gland is shrinking. So only time will tell.