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I have been going to doctors for years now complaining about my symptoms and finally have a family doctor is looking into them and just as frustrated with the endocrinologist and lab results as I am. I am waiting on the results of my second biobsy of a nodule they found on my thyroid gland while they were scanning my parathyroid glands due to high PTH levels. The first biopsy came back "suspicious for follicular neoplasm" My TSH levels are dropping but still in the normal range as are my T3 and T4 hormone levels. All my kidney function tests go up and down but stay close to the normal range. My parathyroid hormones are elevated which the endocrinologist attributed to my vitamin D deficiency. I have been taking 4000 UI of vitamin D3 daily for months now and although my levels are coming up I am still slightly deficient. My parathyroid hormones are higher now than previously and my calcium levels are in the low normal range (if i did the conversion right my levels are 8.6).I am exhausted and completed frustrated with the whole situation and I am hoping that someone can give me some advice or tell me where i can find some.
Thank you

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