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Overactive again?

From: lilacsuz - 4 years 19 weeks ago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can offer advice?

I had a hemi tyroidectomy 2 years ago and a very slow growing cancer was found. As it was completely removed, no further treatment was required, but they started me on thyroxine to reduce the risk of it recurring. I was stable on 100mcg, but to get my TSH to zero, it was increased to 125mcg. On 31st March my does was reduced back to 100mcg because I was now running high, and symptomatic.

I had a further blood test on 5th May, and although I had gone down to the dose that I was stable on, the results were roughly as high as before.

I decided not to take any medication at all 2 weeks ago today, as I was feeling so horrible. Two weeks later, I still feel exactly the same. Pulse over 100 sitting down, hot when everyone else is wearing coats, anxiety...... My muscles are so shakey now I sometimes find it difficult to balance on uneven ground.

Can anyone tell me if the Thyroxine should be out of my system yet?
Is it likely that my remaining half has started to run high?

I feel like when I cut out the Tyroxine, after about 7 days, I was feeling a little better, but since then has started to feel worse again. I am going to contact the Doc on Monday to get another blood test, but just wondered if anyone had any thoughts?

Thank you very much

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