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Follicular Neoplasm

From: Concerned1 - 5 years 51 weeks ago

I recently found out I have a solitary 1.9 cm nodule on my right thyroid lobe and my right thyroid lobe is also enlarged. The left side is completely normal. The ultrasound showed it is a solid nudule, hypoechoic and hypervascular. My doctor sent me for an FNA and the pathology results came back as "suspicious for follicular neoplasm" and it says Bethseda IV in parentheses next to that. It also says "numerous groups of follicular cells with numerous repeating small acinar groups. Nuclear enlargement and nuclear overlapping and only scant colloid present in the background". I'm supposed to see an ENT surgeon in a little over a week, but I'm concern because everything I've read says the difference between a benign follicular neoplasm and a malignant follicular neoplasm is whether or not there is vascular invasion. Wondering how accurate that is?

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