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Understanding My Diabetes,

From: Trapper427 - 9 years 49 weeks ago

I know I'm up against the great ones when it comes to understanding Diabetes. My observation is pretty basic: Once I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, it was: "You Are Now A Diabetic", - So? Is this it? Does it stop here?
Is it that all you can do for me is teach me how to live with it? What happened to the Stem Cell Research?
As I see it, Diabetes is a symptom of a disease. (NOT THE DISEASE)!
And the diseases can be many. With so many of us contracting the Diabetes, it shows me that you are not looking at this the right way.
Educating me taught me that you are hitting on it, but not defining it.
Even though my problem may be from a bad gene from my mother, perhaps she passed on the disease that crests this diabetic symptom?
The goal, I understand, is to correct the human body into performing properly. Correct the error!
Being over weight is a clear sign that my body doesn't process my food correctly. But how can this be altered?
If we look deeper into what is behind all of these diabetic people, the REAL culprit of this 'Disorder', can possibly be identified.

I feel I am living in a world consumed in ignorance! I'm a Diabetic and that's it? I disagree!! There must be something behind this that Doctors won't go after.
So, I am asking you: Why is it this way? It's like being a Diabetic is a condemnation!

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