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Older Adult GH Deficiency

From: svdassist - 3 years 46 weeks ago

I'm reaching out to this community in hopes of finding advice on how to navigate the GH deficiency world for older adults. My wife has been diagnosed with SMV - Small Vessel Disease, a close cousin to Alzheimer's. Her doctor has been researching ways to counteract VaD - vascular dementia. He found that HGH is recommended to help stop or reverse VaD. He started her on Sermorlin and it seemed to help with her mild dementia but hasn't reversed the low pituitary function. He recommended she move to HGH and prescribed it. We were very close having been refered to OmniSource to help pave the way to Omnitrope.

Everything seemed to be going well until the pharmacy denied filing the prescription due to "cosmetic & anti-aging" use. She had a pituitary stimulation test done and it showed her pituitary function was very low to almost non-existent. We explained this to the pharmacist but she said it was their policy to decline.

My wife has been off of the Sermorelin for almost 3 months now and is experiencing memory issues again. Has anyone here experienced this same process and found a solution? Is HGH the right path? Is there a way to get HGH from a respected and trusted pharmacy that won't break the bank? When I search the web all I get are these highly questionable sites that are for "cosmetic and anti-aging" reasons.

Is an Endocrinologist the doctor she should be seeing? Please help.

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