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Thyroid Nodules Support Community Discussions

Thyroid nodules require endocrinologist?

Started by Susanppt 4 years 34 weeks ago

Does hyperthyroidism cause emotional instability?

Started by Mario Fox 2 years 30 weeks ago

Low TSH, Toxic nodule, weight gain

Started by hschweda 1 year 39 weeks ago

TSH, FT3, FT4 Normal, All Signs & Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism is there

Started by GPMMARTINEZ 15 weeks 2 days ago

Thyroid Nodules

Started by Lorrow 9 years 14 weeks ago

New hashimotos

Started by tazmommy 8 years 36 weeks ago

Will non-cancerous thyroid removal affect insurance?

Started by lyfarmo 8 years 1 week ago

four glands involved!

Started by dizyb 6 years 13 weeks ago

Miserable , cant take much more PLEASE HELP

Started by gash0116 4 years 6 weeks ago

Long-term Hashimoto

Started by meg 3 years 6 weeks ago

Could this be thyroid

Started by KAY1980 2 years 21 weeks ago

Are my symptoms common for thyroid nodules?

Started by krsslee 2 years 6 days ago

Second Opinion Next Tuesday (5/2)

Started by msputsey 1 year 21 weeks ago

Just diagnosed with large nodule on thyroid left side

Started by CindiWass 6 days 6 hours ago

laser treatment to ablate toxic nodules?

Started by saturn05 9 years 7 weeks ago

Too much thyroid hormone

Started by mtilley 8 years 25 weeks ago

Having my thyroid removed in 5 weeks

Started by doris182004 7 years 45 weeks ago

Having Radioactive iodine treatment in 2 months.

Started by doris182004 7 years 37 weeks ago

2 Doctors recommending thyroidectomy with only CT scan. Have many ?

Started by RFredricks 6 years 41 weeks ago

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