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Cyst and hypoechoic Nodule Found

Started by BrittSmith0228 4 years 9 weeks ago

normal but not normal

Started by tcobb 3 years 5 weeks ago

Papillary Thyroid cancer total thyroidectomy

Started by Fredster 1 year 46 weeks ago

V theurer

Started by 7 weeks 4 days ago

Thyroid Nodules

Started by Lorrow 11 years 26 weeks ago

New hashimotos

Started by tazmommy 10 years 48 weeks ago

Will non-cancerous thyroid removal affect insurance?

Started by lyfarmo 10 years 14 weeks ago

Children With papillary carcinoma thyroid cancer

Started by momhatescancer 9 years 27 weeks ago

Thyroid nodules require endocrinologist?

Started by Susanppt 6 years 47 weeks ago

Does hyperthyroidism cause emotional instability?

Started by Mario Fox 4 years 43 weeks ago

Help! Hypoechoic, hyperemic thyroid nodule with microcalcifications

Started by Tbunnie 4 years 20 weeks ago

Low TSH, Toxic nodule, weight gain

Started by hschweda 3 years 51 weeks ago

TSH, FT3, FT4 Normal, All Signs & Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism is there

Started by GPMMARTINEZ 2 years 27 weeks ago

Thyroid Nodules

Started by Dolphiam 1 year 26 weeks ago

Symptoms vs. labs

Started by LSchuman 1 year 19 weeks ago

laser treatment to ablate toxic nodules?

Started by saturn05 11 years 20 weeks ago

Too much thyroid hormone

Started by mtilley 10 years 37 weeks ago

Having my thyroid removed in 5 weeks

Started by doris182004 10 years 6 weeks ago

four glands involved!

Started by dizyb 8 years 26 weeks ago