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Total Thyroid Removal vs Partial Thyroid Removal

Started by doris182004 7 years 18 weeks ago

Confusing Symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroidism

Started by Kayla1990 3 years 19 weeks ago

Missed Levothyroxine for a month

Started by Meridden 2 years 29 weeks ago


Started by mohamedamin700 1 year 46 weeks ago

Anxiety & Feeling Crazy After Thyroidectomy

Started by pk96 1 year 25 weeks ago

Thyroid Nodules

Started by Adkinsmedic 42 weeks 1 day ago

OK, now I'm totally confused

Started by mamamarcie 8 years 31 weeks ago

Having thyroid removed in June, worried about side effects?

Started by rob7970 7 years 44 weeks ago

Levothyroxine problems & questions

Started by spange612 7 years 9 weeks ago

Multiple nodules.... scared

Started by jenb2683 6 years 12 weeks ago

very tired and moody after thyriod surgery

Started by Andy.Pandy 4 years 48 weeks ago

Can someone help me understand my ultrasound results?

Started by Jcarter 3 years 7 weeks ago


Started by kari0201 2 years 8 weeks ago

Thyroid Supplements

Started by MargieAnn 1 year 40 weeks ago

Cyst and hypoechoic Nodule Found

Started by BrittSmith0228 1 year 21 weeks ago

normal but not normal

Started by tcobb 17 weeks 4 days ago

doctors good at puzzle part 2.

Started by angio1234 8 years 22 weeks ago

im so worried plz help!

Started by lesley 7 years 32 weeks ago

Children With papillary carcinoma thyroid cancer

Started by momhatescancer 6 years 39 weeks ago

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