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Hypothyroidism Support Community Discussions

Hypothroidism undetected?

Started by SashaPen 3 years 19 weeks ago

Diagnosed With Hypothyriodism-Some Symptoms not adding up

Started by Khegedus09 9 years 8 weeks ago

Just got my thyroid panel back, positive for Hashimoto's....suggestions?

Started by mushroomlady 3 years 2 days ago

Son's high TSH with normal fT4 levels

Started by CHAPPLEJ 2 years 40 weeks ago

Trying to find an endocrinologist

Started by jhdst 8 years 23 weeks ago

Feeling confused!

Started by kimmiepack 2 years 32 weeks ago

Ventricular tachycardia and thyroid

Started by Bigfootmama 8 years 9 weeks ago

Total thyroidectomy - weight gain please I need advice.

Started by Emma Pennicott 2 years 23 weeks ago

From Graves to Addison's to papillary thyroid cancer

Started by servingHim 7 years 50 weeks ago

For non-converting thyroid, synthroid is NOT the answer!

Started by arugala 2 years 18 weeks ago

dosage changes in hypothyroidism

Started by pianoteachermeb 7 years 42 weeks ago

Anxiety & Feeling Crazy After Thyroidectomy

Started by pk96 2 years 12 weeks ago

Over-medicated by thyroxine - felt so ill :-(

Started by Lizzie1976 7 years 26 weeks ago

HELP- Thyroid bloodwork normal

Started by Crzygirl9ch 2 years 1 week ago


Started by MaeBell63 7 years 15 weeks ago

thyroid medication and short story

Started by ally512 1 year 46 weeks ago


Started by tempez 7 years 7 weeks ago

S/P thyroidectomy labs

Started by feviegirl1973 1 year 37 weeks ago

Please help in Des Moines, Iowa!!!

Started by switz36 6 years 44 weeks ago

Post baby and hashi!

Started by ruger4 1 year 29 weeks ago

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