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Hypothyroidism Support Community Discussions

39 year old male thyroid, acting very out of normal.

Started by abbydawnlynn 1 year 6 weeks ago

Eltroxin formulation change

Started by TAgirl 6 years 18 weeks ago


Started by LANE 49 weeks 6 days ago

Hypothyroidism & Intertility

Started by Shanjida Islam ... 41 weeks 3 days ago

Values normal but so exhausted I can barely get out of bed

Started by Melinda33 5 years 40 weeks ago

High antibodies, loads of symptoms, but normal TSH levels, what now?

Started by dizietsma 5 years 29 weeks ago

Hypothyroidism with low TSH and low T4 and normal T3

Started by ksmith 17 weeks 6 days ago

High Thyroid Antibodies & symptoms of hypothyroidism

Started by bjthompson 5 years 3 weeks ago

Meds before labs?

Started by HelloDolly_16 4 years 25 weeks ago

Hashimotos How long have i had it and not known

Started by Tiptoe 3 years 35 weeks ago

Not understanding FTI

Started by Renae 3 years 17 weeks ago

high tsh but symptoms of low

Started by g1122 2 years 48 weeks ago

Please help - Should I be on cytomel ?

Started by joy_kl 2 years 37 weeks ago

Hypothyroidisn and/or Hyperparathyroidism?

Started by simonmaria 8 years 37 weeks ago

Seek second opinion?

Started by Louise77 2 years 24 weeks ago

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