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Hypothyroidism Support Community Discussions

new to hasimoto's

Started by kdwright416 1 year 50 weeks ago

Explain synthroid after radioactive iodine

Started by Tina M 7 years 24 weeks ago

TSH of .06 means what

Started by BarbaraLarsh 1 year 45 weeks ago

Chronic fatigue

Started by Poponsio 7 years 14 weeks ago

My Hypothyroid/Hyperthyroid Fiasco

Started by naimah99 1 year 37 weeks ago

T4 is lower after starting T4 medication

Started by chzolson 7 years 3 weeks ago

Life after radioactive iodine

Started by kristen1230 1 year 31 weeks ago

Papillary Thyroid Cancer

Started by JORDAN 6 years 44 weeks ago

Endo not testing what I'd expect

Started by mollyelphie 1 year 21 weeks ago

Hurthle Cell Thyroid Cancer

Started by cjc 6 years 37 weeks ago

Second hand smoke exposure

Started by Turmeric 1 year 13 weeks ago

Avoid Thyroidectomy for Benign nodules.

Started by Josedxb 6 years 21 weeks ago

What's wrong with me?

Started by Soph111 1 year 5 weeks ago

Hello, really need so advice as very worried.

Started by Jan87 6 years 7 weeks ago

Hyperthyroidsm / graves disease

Started by Cnorth1114 50 weeks 22 hours ago

Hypothyroid and Pre Diabetes

Started by elmas 5 years 51 weeks ago

Synthroid verses Armor Thyroid

Started by kkmcwh 39 weeks 2 days ago

thyroiditis or Hashimoto's

Started by nickiogir 5 years 25 weeks ago

Abnormal result

Started by Paul L 22 weeks 3 days ago

Still hypothyroidism? Low TSH, normal T4

Started by twoolf9 19 weeks 4 days ago

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