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Hypothyroidism Support Community Discussions

Tingling, pins and needles sensation from hypothyroidism?

Started by tanderson88 11 years 9 weeks ago

Congenital Hypothyroid

Started by Anonymous 9 years 38 weeks ago

Armour Thyroid vs Synthroid

Started by rbmorgan 10 years 36 weeks ago


Started by Vauntella35 11 years 9 weeks ago

Extreme fatigue, no answers and "normal" test results.

Started by Melinda33 9 years 6 weeks ago

12 years and discouraged

Started by purselady30 10 years 48 weeks ago

High TSH, normal T3+ T4

Started by cyberbenali 9 years 23 weeks ago

Heart attack due to uncontrolled Hypothyroid- cautionary tale

Started by melcollins12 2 years 47 weeks ago

Hashimoto's and HIVES!!!

Started by summerm01 7 years 10 weeks ago

Overactive and Underactive nodules

Started by rsingleton 11 years 6 weeks ago

Low FT4?/normal tsh/very low ferritin

Started by shanlynw 5 years 16 weeks ago

thyroid, diabetes and testosterone!

Started by David 11 years 6 weeks ago

Constant Weight Gain

Started by Bruzz88 4 years 4 weeks ago

Hairloss after hyperthyroid tx and med adjustment

Started by doriathome 11 years 1 week ago

taking Iodine/iodide for thyroid

Started by kate 9 years 6 weeks ago

Hypo with severe depression and low TSH levels...Help!

Started by Rusty64 3 years 2 days ago

should I be concerned with my TSH levels?

Started by jederbug 2 years 25 weeks ago

itchy knees

Started by remo 10 years 34 weeks ago

hypoglycemia and hypothyroid?

Started by wtgullett 9 years 48 weeks ago