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Started by Alexandra 47 weeks 2 days ago

Hyper & Hypo... so confused, please help!

Started by ashley34 9 years 14 weeks ago

What is ok for TSH levels in a 19 month old?

Started by TillyF 22 weeks 1 day ago

hyper or hypo...what's going on?

Started by bradjakemommy 8 years 39 weeks ago

Levothyroxine problems & questions

Started by spange612 7 years 49 weeks ago

I need my life back

Started by Itsjustme 7 years 30 weeks ago

Over-medicated by thyroxine - felt so ill :-(

Started by Lizzie1976 7 years 26 weeks ago

levothyroxine dosages

Started by chevyrecycler34 7 years 3 days ago

hello, really need some advice

Started by Jan87 6 years 33 weeks ago

low tsh and thyroid problems from amiodarone

Started by shamal 6 years 6 weeks ago

Idiopathic Itch

Started by trab4dot2 4 years 38 weeks ago

Convinced I have Thyroid problem, but normal tests.

Started by SickofbeingSick 4 years 9 hours ago

Weight Confusion

Started by blueeysx2 3 years 31 weeks ago

Nothing is normal! HELP!

Started by bitterlion 3 years 8 weeks ago

What could be causing low TSH and normal T3 and T4

Started by oz1213 2 years 38 weeks ago

Looking for Answers (31 year old, male, possible hypothyroidism)

Started by cjgrode 2 years 26 weeks ago


Started by Foran 2 years 16 weeks ago

Neuroendocrine tumours

Started by ZED 2 years 5 weeks ago

please help

Started by Jnite44 1 year 47 weeks ago

Are there any natural ways to calm the thyroid down?

Started by Kathlaf 1 year 36 weeks ago

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