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Hyperthyroidism Support Community Discussions

Radioactive Iodine? Any one had this for Hyperthyroid?

Started by Kakay 10 years 20 weeks ago

Weight gain if treated?

Started by Ktalks 1 year 51 weeks ago

Does anyone know of a functional endocrinologist in NH?

Started by Melinda33 10 years 4 weeks ago

Thyroid scan results

Started by Ltlgrv 35 weeks 2 days ago

High TSH, High T4? What the heck.

Started by Cocoa_G 9 years 23 weeks ago

Thyroid Surgery..

Started by twoscorpiobabies 9 years 3 weeks ago


Started by why-me 8 years 30 weeks ago

hashimoto or hashitoxicosis?

Started by hashihelpme 7 years 6 weeks ago

Dequervains thyroiditis

Started by Jaybrooke 6 years 23 weeks ago

Hyper or hypo??

Started by Memory 6 years 1 week ago


Started by artmajor 5 years 31 weeks ago

Could this be thyroid

Started by KAY1980 5 years 9 weeks ago

Think My Doctor Has Misdiagnosed me with Graves Disease

Started by nadianatasha34 4 years 51 weeks ago

Being in a relationship with someone with Graves Disease

Started by 7papi4 4 years 41 weeks ago

Positivity needed

Started by vessfrye 4 years 31 weeks ago

thyroid medication and short story

Started by ally512 4 years 21 weeks ago

Sypmtoms Of Thyroid-Every Women Should Know

Started by markgill 4 years 8 weeks ago

Just diagnosed with hyper & I want some feedback on what to expect

Started by ladytee 3 years 50 weeks ago

Scared of weight gain

Started by Andie1418 3 years 37 weeks ago

Surgery, Thyroid Meds & Weight

Started by Simplysls 3 years 7 weeks ago