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Graves’ Disease Support Community Discussions

Constant Weight Gain

Started by Bruzz88 2 years 9 weeks ago

Throat squeezing

Started by Anya 23 weeks 4 days ago

Here to tell the Hyperthyroid people what I wish I had known

Started by Dresden 1 year 10 weeks ago

13 year old with Graves

Started by DREESER 1 year 48 weeks ago

Graves disease symptoms

Started by hy-per 2 years 9 weeks ago

levothyroxine dosages

Started by chevyrecycler34 6 years 34 weeks ago

Hyperthroidism and Pregnancy

Started by Alena 5 years 17 weeks ago

frustrated with my thyroid

Started by Sue217 3 years 38 weeks ago

Incredibly overwhelming fatigue and weight gain

Started by Sybil456 2 years 35 weeks ago

Think My Doctor Has Misdiagnosed me with Graves Disease

Started by nadianatasha34 2 years 7 weeks ago

39 year old male thyroid, acting very out of normal.

Started by abbydawnlynn 1 year 28 weeks ago

sympthoms other than weight gain

Started by turtles 41 weeks 6 days ago

getting pregnant with graves disease

Started by chunteydaniel 7 years 24 weeks ago

A Constant Rollercoaster Ride...I want to get off now!

Started by angel52 6 years 16 weeks ago

New diagnose

Started by Grace22 4 years 46 weeks ago

I've gained 28 pds in two months..can't even look at myself

Started by ohsessa71 3 years 19 weeks ago

Thyroid growing pushing on airway and esophagus.

Started by AbbyLynn 2 years 18 weeks ago

Young woman with Graves Afraid of RAI

Started by Young Woman wit... 1 year 22 weeks ago

Graves disease options/acne

Started by ericc05 7 years 18 weeks ago

I'm new (hyperthyroid) and need help

Started by tiffanybw 6 years 7 weeks ago

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