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Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Support Community Discussions

I'm new and lost

Started by Mom126inNJ 2 years 2 weeks ago

Hashimoto's and Early Onset Shingles?

Started by notvalerie 1 year 40 weeks ago

Normal Results- No Answers

Started by Kberls 1 year 33 weeks ago

Goiter, normal blood tests?

Started by hypochronia 1 year 23 weeks ago

Need Comforting

Started by samjud1005 1 year 16 weeks ago

When to take meds

Started by lbaker 1 year 7 weeks ago

TSH Fluctuations in Hashimotos?

Started by paisleykd 46 weeks 1 day ago

Synthroid verses Armor Thyroid

Started by kkmcwh 24 weeks 5 days ago

hyperthyroid TSH levels, hypothyroid symptoms?

Started by amy9620 7 years 18 weeks ago

Unusual ultrasound results, help.

Started by JoanneH 6 years 14 weeks ago

My 5 year old son..Hashimoto's

Started by Orendab33 5 years 29 weeks ago

Confused please help TSH, FT4,Ft3 all high?

Started by Kelly123 4 years 41 weeks ago

Hashimoto's and Weight Gain

Started by APagels 3 years 36 weeks ago

Isn't Kelp better and safer than using synthetic thyroid meds?

Started by JosyM 3 years 5 weeks ago

Sick on the first day of my period

Started by sarahjohnson98 2 years 34 weeks ago

Hormones Crazy!

Started by ChefWife 2 years 14 weeks ago

Hair loss inevitable due to hypothyroidism?

Started by MsDiana 1 year 49 weeks ago

Hashimoto's and Nodules

Started by NotoriousTHY 1 year 37 weeks ago

Postpartum thyroiditis

Started by Thyroid mom 1 year 31 weeks ago

TSH Levels

Started by Stephano 1 year 21 weeks ago

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