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Ventricular tachycardia and thyroid

From: Bigfootmama - 8 years 4 weeks ago


I don't know where to start. I have been experiencing bouts of V-tach. It is severe enough to land me in the hospital 3 different times in my life. Sometimes when I see my MD my thyroid is hyper... sometimes its hypo. I am beginning to have spells of Vtach...again... and I'm wondering does a persons thyroid gland do this? Can the THS go up and down?

I feel like I'm going nuts... and I'm afraid the Dr. thinks I'm being a hypochondriac!

The Vtach I experience is pretty extreme... anywhere from 180 bpm to 220. It makes me exhausted and faint... although I have never completely lost conciousness which perplexes the doctors.

What I have started to notice is that the V-tach and other symptoms seem to come together... heat inolerance, Vtach, insomnia, muscle spasms/cramps, my head shakes sometimes but not my hands. I have wondered if my hot flashes are contributed to menopause... but it seems to come with the other symptoms as well.

I haven't been diagnosed with thyroid disorder... but can I see a specialist or do I have to go through my MD?

Any help you could offer as to what I should do would be appreciated.


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