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new to hasimoto's

From: kdwright416 - 4 years 10 weeks ago

Hi there! Back in April of this year I was diagnosed with Hasimoto's disease and put on Levothyroxine. At that time my T3, TSH, and T4 were pretty awful. Last week I went back to the doctor because I was having a hard time swallowing (to the point where I was choking on saliva at night) and I had throat pain and pressure. She ordered labs and said I had thyroiditis and put me on steroids. My labs came back within normal range. While I feel like I should be grateful for normal labs, I still feel awful every day. I'm always tired, I'm always moody, I have stomach issues daily, I can't think clearly, and I still have a little trouble swallowing even after finishing the steroids. So why are my labs normal?

I grew up with a hypochondriac for a mother and because of that I have a bit of a complex. I constantly feel like people (and doctors) are going to think I'm faking. So getting those normal labs is really emphasizing that for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi! I'm new to this forum. I would say if you feel awful, don't be afraid to tell your doctor, or change doctors until you get help. I had to do that a couple times, even with doctors I knew were good, until I found an excellent endocrinologist who respected everything I said.

Also search around online and read. I just started reading Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause by Izabella Wentz PharmD, and it's already extremely informative!

Hope that helps a little.