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Dequervains thyroiditis

From: Jaybrooke - 6 years 6 weeks ago

I can not be the only person with this history of an illness as follows? 1995 March I had a flu type virus which lasted till the june when it cleared up but it left me with a a painful neck , jaw and ear on the right side it bothered me for a few months I had it checked out and nothing nasty was found. Then suddenly come November I was floored with a multitude of nasty symptoms, at the same time I lost my appetite completely ate absolutely nothing only drank water, juice and tea for 6 weeks and of course lost a lot of weight which worried my family who could not understand that I really ate nothing at all and I had become a completely different person who had always had plenty of energy and was fun! And now was a complete wreck!!! It's a long story 19 years to be exact, my symptoms. Foggy brain, lack of concentration, dizziness , a feeling of every thing going on around me but just woozy , pain and discomfort in joints and muscles ,pins and needles and numbness in arms and legs headaches ,inner tremors thudding heart and palpitations hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing,insomnia, , dreadful fatigue, where making a pot of tea or a meal exhausted me, etc and of course the pain and discomfort in throat neck, jaw and ear on the one side.. All blood tests always came back normal and over the years I have been shouted at called stupid with a banging on the desk at me told there's nothing wrong it's all in my head and just depressed!!!. Eventually " diagnosed"" with CFS and told to read up on it and just live with it and sent away with a flea in my ear which I did for a while then I found a doctor who treated the symptoms not the blood tests started me on a very small dose of thyroxine upped it over 3 months amazing !!! The relief when the fog lifted and the brain worked again my concentration improved I could read a book again, the inner tremors were still there but to a lesser degree, pins and needles and numbness were way down swallowing improved and not the bone crunching fatigue . This is a shortened version of my experience I am certainly not 100 % well by any means but my life is not the nightmare it was! After 19 years I found another GP who listened to me and sent me for a thyroid ultrasound results came back thyroid very small inflamed and definitely some type of thyroiditis . Two months ago I saw an endocrinologist I had seen 17 years ago who at the time poo pooed me was rude and disinterested in me and my tale this appointment he was completely different and said he had looked up all my medical records and was shocked I had never been tested for autoantibodies or hashimoto disease and there and then told me I have hashimotos to cut it short my question is do I have hashi or do I have dequervains ? I know I had all the symptoms of dequervain but every thing I have read points to it being a short illness and back to normal health fairly soon . Hashimoto however , I read painless thyroid neck throat and jaw. I am so confused , this endocrinologist said these symptoms are not connected to my thyroid hashi does not present itself like that !!! I still crash a lot and feel awful for periods at a time and to be honest I feel unwell most days but I can cope so I am thankful for that but for my own peace of mind I would like a definite diagnosis thank you for your patience it is rather a long tale I know but I did not want to leave too much info out and I am hoping this rings a bell with other sufferers as I say I can not be the only one with this illness but so far even after all the research I have done I have not come across any one with the same . Many thanks jay

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My endo said i have full blown thyroiditis...i have all the symptoms of de quervain...this is my third month since i had the same symptoms u had, it started with a flu then an ear infection then a small mump on my jaw then a big lump on my neck and it felt to hot, painful, and then the fever im on steroids bec if i don't take it...the fever wont go away...i tried stop taking steriods...i only lasted 10 days just biogesic and celecoxib but i was really in pain and im was having chest pains...i guess my body couldn't take the fever any im bak to taking really getting worried, my doc said i should not be having fevers any longwr but i do still...i hope someone could help me somehow...abt what im going so worried as to when will this fever and neck inflammation end.??? Tnx...