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My daughter is obese, please help!!!

From: Brenda Mary - 6 years 21 weeks ago

Hi everyone,
My gorgeous 9yr old daughter is obese and she seems to be getting bigger she is now a size 16. I have been trying to get a diagnosis since she was 4 but have not been taken serious by doctors who make me feel like a bad mother and the cause of her problem. I don't need a dietician I need help before she gets any bigger.
Here are her symptoms can someone please help me or advice me:
Fat is all over but mainly around the middle with a huge tummy.
Her poos always float and have done for 6 years.
She has hairy legs b.o and now boobs forming.
She gets tummy pains and headaches.
She has thin skin her capillaries can be seen clearly, she bruises easily and has a lot of nose bleeds.
High anxiety always moving her legs picking her scabs if has any making it bleed again.
She also has a fear of needles which is making it impossible to get diagnosis of certain illnesses. We are seeing a pediatrician soon to help with all of this. She is having ursine and poo tests done now.
I cant bare it, I feel like she will die soon if I don't get a diagnosis.
Please please please someone help me.

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I am so sorry to hear all of this. First and foremost, you are concerned for your daughter's health. Chances are both of you are scared and your daughter may not know how to tell you how she feels about the weight. She also may be bullied at school because it and that creates more anxiety.
You may need to take her to a good pediatric endocrinologist and a good gastroentrologist. She may be experiencing thyroid problems or even Cushing's disease. I am sure some of her anxiety has to do with her physical appearance and there is the possibility with these changes, she may also seek comfort in snacking. A good pediatric endocrinology should be able to run the appropriate blood tests to help you get answers. This sounds like something for a specialist not the family doctor. I don't know where you are but here in the US, there is Johns Hopkins in Baltimore MD. When you do go, do some research first. Try to find the best doctor you can find. When i did my research for thyroid surgeons, I found the best guy I could find. Also research symptoms and read up on gland-induced weight gain. Not to scare you but because doctors don't always tell you what the side effects are. They don't always tell you what to watch out for. Sometimes they hope you don't know and will suggest weird things or dismiss things. Keep going after it. Keep your head up too. Don't let doctors play the blame game with you. They don't have the right. I wish you the best. Do not ever give up until you have the answers both of you need.

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Is this good advice?

I'm not a medical professional, just another sick person with a lot of experience in trying to heal myself. i would advise you to seek out a naturopathic nutritioniist and a gastroenterologist. i know my nutritionist would recommend an elimination/provocation diet. that is when you eliminate all potentially problematic foods for 21 days, then start introducing them one by one. the first food you will eat every meal for three days watching for any symtoms, then add another new food after three days of the first new food. on the elimination part of the diet, you eat a paleo diet, pretty much. no grains, legumes, peanuts, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, soy, dairy and sometimes not even eggs if its possible there may be a reaction. pretty much just whole foods meat, veggies, some fruit and nuts for 3 weeks. it was hard but worth it. also should have blood work done, a thyroid panel (not just TSH but both antibodies and T3 and T4), if you suspect thyroid issues. you can order it online but you'll need a doctor to help you interpret the results.

definitely cut out all sugar, gluten, soy, and processed food from the girl's diet immediately. and seek a naturopathic specialist. i have been paying out of pocket for mine, in colorado, and its not too expensive. good luck!