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Never heard of cushings disease until now

From: thomas342 - 9 years 31 weeks ago

I have been recently diagnosed with cushings disease, and im frightened. I have never heard of this before until now. Does anyone out there have advice for what I can expect?!?!?

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Thomas... Is it being caused by a tumor? I am sure this is scary but cushings is very treatable. find a surgeon you are comfortable with. Once they remove the tumor, if thats the cause, you should recover. My husband had to take cortisol shots after the surgery but he recovered fine.

My prayers are with you...

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Same with me. Do not know yet, have they done a scan, 24hr urine test, blood tests for certain things. Infact I have heard of salvia tests too. Good luck, I am also waiting to hear about a adrenal gland tumor, cushing could be a factor not sure yet. also look under john hopkins they have a great website, and many more will pop up. god bless

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I wasn't diagnosed with cushings syndrome until I was 30 and my second pregnancy. Doctors realized I had it all my life but would only appear when my body was producing higher amounts of estrogen, ex: puberty, menstrual cycles and pregnancy.
It was not caused by a tumor in my pituitary glad or adrenal gland. It was only caused by elevated estrogen that my adrenal glands over produced adrenaline. NO tumors were the cause.
I eventually had a bi-laterally adrenalectomy in 1990. I have been on replacement steroids ever since. Hindsight, I would've kept them.
The doctors said it wasn't inherited, but now my daughter at 22 was just diagnosed with it.
BTW, she was born with Pierre Robin syndrome.

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