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gamma knife

From: glorri888 - 10 years 6 weeks ago

Has anyone had experience having gamma knife treatment for a pituitary tumor?

Thank you

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I have not heard of it until i just read your question . the question was so long ago that i hope that you are still on the site to see my answer which is also a question. My foster daughter that i love has pituitary tumor and does not have to take meds at this time. it is small. what worries me is that she cannot speak or communicate where her pain or discomfort is and at some point a test may show action must be taken or meds increased etc. and i have not looked into options .
So, i am asking you if you tried the gamma knife and was it a successful experiance for you and what caused you to be searching for an answer and what would cause me to have to do so . I read if it grows to large or cuases bad hormonal situations which are minimal at this time , then it might be addressed and i was sent to a surgeon who said it was small and the hormonal is so stable at a prolactin of only 42 or so usually , that they do not give meds even , i just worry that she cannot speak and i dont know what to look for as a crisis. so i am at the early beginning of asking people WHY they personally sought treatment and how someone would know they needed it if they had been unable to speak of symptoms or pain or vision problems. Also was the treatment successful for them. I hope you are doing great .
I guess my question is exactly .. what triggered you wanting a treatment , which one did you select and was it successful or not.
thanks you so much if you are still on the site for considering my newness to the research.