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adrenal tumor..i need answers

From: m_kennedy - 9 years 14 hours ago

Hello to everyone ..I guess tou guys will call me a newbbie LOL. Ok , here's whats goin on. I have been diagnosed with a nickle sized tumor in my adrenal gland . It is in the medula ( the middle of the adrenal gland) I want to know if anyone else has gone thru this. I don't know if it's cancer or not yet. I have no Ins. and I have to wait on this certian program to help me get a Doctor. What if it's not cancer ...I have heard them say not to bother it an keep check on it every6 months !? My thought is that if it's growing in there, it could cause any number of things to go wrong. Or even grow so big that it ruptures it . So even if it's not cancer I think they should still take it out. I have 14 relatives that had cancer and now only 4 of them are still with us . I don't think I should take the chance of just leaving it in there. Has any of you been thru this ...or does anyone have a comment for me?? PLEASE...This is stressing me so bad. Thanks to all , Mary

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I am also new here and am also being tested re a possible adrenal tumor. The name of this tumor is pheochromocytoma and usually grows in the medulla of an adrenal gland. I went through a number of blood and urine tests, but apparently the tumor is so small or so well hidden that it couldn't be seen on film. The blood and urine tests were mainly positive,however. I have been told that I will need to wait until the tumor grows larger. This is a tall order given the symptoms which incude spiking blood pressure, heart palpitations, sweating, weakness, and anxiety among others. What symptoms do you have? The symptoms are an important clue as to what kind of tumor it is. A pheo tumor (its common nickname) is quite rare and it is hard to find info on it. Take care! Kathryn

Is this good advice?

This is a high order given the signs which incude spiking hypertension, a pounding center, perspiration, weak point, and stress among others. What signs do you have?

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