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From: helpme - 9 years 16 weeks ago

So basically I have been having "issues for over a year" i was feeling generally unwell and extremely fatigued for months and all they found was High DHEA, low vitamin D, low Biotin and HPylori. So after a while taking vitamins etc I started to feel normal again- for 4 months. then last month it hit me out of nowhere. I got up one day and was so dizzy I thought I coulndn't make it down the street.

The dizziness was so horrible I couldnt get out of bed went to the doc and she found a blood sugar of 35. I have an appt. in 2 weeks but im scared I wont stay concious until then. I eat glucose tablets all day just to be able to walk around and stablize enough to go to work but it wears off rapidly and i am right back to feeling like i'm going to die.

Hypoglycemia not caused by dietary issues seems like a bad prognosis likely being a pancreatic tumor or MEN. Should I be worried - could this be cancer? I'm so so afraid.

PS My TSH levels are normal and no anemia or heart problems.

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Sorry to hear about your struggles. If you are experiencing any concern about remaining concious, or major health concerns like you describe, you should go to your local ER. They will either address what's wrong, or at least be able to reassure you that waiting two weeks for your appointmnet is going to be ok. I hope things work out ok, and that in 2-3 weeks you'll be feeling much better.

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Believe me, I empathize. I have to get off the computer now because I tested at 80 about 30 minutes ago. In January, I picked up walking pneumonia that caused type 1 diabetes, (I'm 50) and my doctor has me on really high doses of insulin, so I'm eating all the time, and I still get hypo. Snickers works well, but it's too much fat. Orange juice is really good, you'll feel a wave of relief come over you; 4 oz. usually does it, and give anything you take 15 minutes to work. I use the tablets as well; there's grape and lemon goop you can get at the pharmacy, and some people like frosting. I Hope you have better luck than me. EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT, so don't let my experience frighten you. YOU ARE IN CONTROL: TEST AS MUCH AS YOU NEED TO, AND KEEP A LOT OF OPTIONS TO BRING YOUR GLUCOSE UP. I'll check in, see how you are doing. Remain optimistic; this may not be as serious, although I know how frightening it feel. You are still in control. Good luck and sweet tides. Linda

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I couldn't click on the icon for good idea==don't know why. I think it's excellent advice. Thinking about it last night, it occurred to me that maybe she doesn't have a meter. I certainly hope so, because I remember how scared I was this past February, with Type I diabetes (and a side helping of hypothyroidism and end stage OA). I just hope no doctor would send her home without a meter. So James, I think that's excellent advice. Linda --brokenhead.

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