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Blood sugar and blood pressure relationship

From: tofunmi - 10 years 34 weeks ago

I was hypertensive quite for some time but I have always been on medication under supervision of medical doctor. About six month ago, new symptom of weekness came which was diagnosed as diabetic. Before detection of the BP problem, I have to critically rethink and compare my recent feeling in the chest region. Whenever I wake up to urinate in the night, I always observed palpitation in the chest which sometimes may or may not disbub my sleep again. After detection of diabetic,among the findings by a cardiologist, my doctor was that, my BMI rose to 27.5, I was then placed on some drug and strickly adviced to control my weight by limiting myself to some foods which are: whole beans, whole wheat products, complex cabohyrdates, a lot vegetable and high fiber vegetatble and limited amount of fatty foods which I did. Within the six months I lost about 8.5kg.During the treatment I was responding very well, the BP came down. But now the the sugar has reduced in the blood. My real problem is that it appears that whenever the blood sugar is below 6.4mmole, the blood pressure begings to rise accompanied with increase pulse rate followed by palpitation of the heart. At sugar below 5.8, I feel very week almost dizzy. If I take glucose to quickly safe situations, and it went up to 9.5mmol, the BP becomes unctrollable satisfatcorilly by my drugs. It appears that my best sugar range is within a very narrow range possibly between 6.2-7.0 mmol. (i) Does it mean that, my own sugar range is not within 4.1-6.1 mmol. (ii) could it have responsible for my risen blood pressure all the while.

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Diabetes is the major problem, in today's generation. We must regularly get diagnosed ourselves for prior detection of the disease. So to control our diet by following the symptoms and cure methods.