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post-operative issues

Started by magnan 10 years 45 weeks ago

Nagging cough

Started by EveyM 12 years 3 weeks ago

Post Parathyroid and partial Thyroid surgery questions

Started by Goodoman 11 years 6 weeks ago

Recent Dg. of Hyperparathyroidism

Started by Michelle Mary 10 years 46 weeks ago

Graves to Hypothyroidism

Started by floridagirl75 10 years 47 weeks ago

Grave's Disease Vs. Tonsillectomy

Started by melanie 10 years 47 weeks ago

RAI on Wednesday

Started by brina 10 years 48 weeks ago

Thyroid antibody blood test

Started by cally82 11 years 11 weeks ago


Started by bcsurvivor 10 years 48 weeks ago

Diarrhea and Hyperthyroidism/Graves Disease

Started by Thyroidtospare 12 years 15 weeks ago

thyroid blood tests

Started by oldie 12 years 15 weeks ago

Thyroid hormones

Started by dewey 12 years 15 weeks ago

Parathyroid disease and low alkaline phosphatase

Started by Tamra 12 years 15 weeks ago

need help for hope

Started by needinghopeintx 12 years 14 weeks ago


Started by ruth1126 12 years 11 weeks ago

hashimoto thyroiditis-synthroid side effects?

Started by zen1867 12 years 11 weeks ago

Isoechoic nodules

Started by shelly5112 12 years 13 weeks ago

Nodular Goiter

Started by Shalisha 12 years 12 weeks ago

Had a failed parathyroid operation still confused

Started by SMuller 12 years 8 weeks ago


Started by maureen 12 years 7 weeks ago