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Hypoparathyroidism is back

Started by Busara 7 years 9 weeks ago

thyroid disorders

Started by gaymac 7 years 16 weeks ago

pregnancy 2 months after receiving radioactive iodine treatment

Started by chipoi 6 years 34 weeks ago

pins and needles taking any new medication

Started by ptwelborn 7 years 16 weeks ago

iodine pills?

Started by arollins 6 years 36 weeks ago

Hypo To Hyperthirodism

Started by Bharat 6 years 38 weeks ago

liothyronine sodium make anyone sleepy?

Started by Melinda33 6 years 38 weeks ago

Classic Buffalo Hump but Cortisol tests show normal

Started by droopy301 6 years 38 weeks ago

Levothyroxine problems & questions

Started by spange612 7 years 10 weeks ago

Thyroid Cancer and Parathyroid issues

Started by debinfla 6 years 39 weeks ago

Some Strange Symptoms when I ran out levoxyl

Started by redcanoe 8 years 7 weeks ago

Is this normal for hyperthyroidism?

Started by Dandylion 6 years 40 weeks ago


Started by karen glanville 6 years 44 weeks ago

Roller-coaster and mean doctors - encephalitis?????

Started by fisheggs 6 years 50 weeks ago

how much insuline is too much?

Started by jsousa 6 years 51 weeks ago

Rapid weight loss w/ diarrhea.

Started by jdfrock2003 6 years 41 weeks ago

Fast losing hope

Started by Jonky 6 years 41 weeks ago

T4 is lower after starting T4 medication

Started by chzolson 6 years 41 weeks ago

taking Iodine/iodide for thyroid

Started by kate 6 years 42 weeks ago

Multinodular, slightly enlarged thyroid Q's

Started by Trip 6 years 43 weeks ago

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