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Normal TSH, Slightly high free t4, low total t3... Results make no sense

Started by collegestudent2021 23 weeks 5 days ago

Got a low TSH, but a normal T4. Should I be concerned?

Started by Jaaaahopper 24 weeks 4 days ago

fatigue 12 years later?

Started by tkatt02 35 weeks 5 days ago

Normal TSH, high hormone levels?

Started by Gravesmom 26 weeks 9 hours ago

Anyone suffering from side effects of levothyroxine?

Started by catherine_guthrie 25 weeks 4 days ago


Started by rathi sunilkumar 25 weeks 6 days ago

hypothyrodism really

Started by hypo at76 25 weeks 6 days ago

Swollen feet

Started by Gargalope 26 weeks 4 days ago

Armour Thyroid vs Synthroid

Started by rbmorgan 9 years 3 weeks ago

Classic results, normal scans, feeling defeated

Started by jjsluck 27 weeks 1 day ago

High Parathyroid low calcium results normal calcium...

Started by Tania O 34 weeks 2 days ago

Radioactive iodine

Started by Nikhil Thomas 28 weeks 1 day ago

Having thyroid removed in June, worried about side effects?

Started by rob7970 8 years 26 weeks ago

Surgery, Thyroid Meds & Weight

Started by Simplysls 28 weeks 3 days ago

Is there any Advantage of selecting an Essay Writing Service?

Started by adareed 29 weeks 1 day ago

hypothyroidism and myasthenia gravis

Started by TexasOldTimer 35 weeks 20 hours ago

Help! Low TSH for 3 years

Started by Nataliem83 30 weeks 4 days ago

high TSH and normal FT4/FT3 in newborn baby

Started by mr_vasanth 31 weeks 6 days ago

advice on hypoglycemia

Started by Anastasia1998 32 weeks 1 day ago

Returning to the extreme fatigue discussion

Started by Susiecue 33 weeks 3 days ago

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