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high TSH and normal FT4/FT3 in newborn baby

Started by mr_vasanth 19 weeks 1 day ago

advice on hypoglycemia

Started by Anastasia1998 19 weeks 4 days ago

Returning to the extreme fatigue discussion

Started by Susiecue 20 weeks 5 days ago

Tsh level concern

Started by Smarie 21 weeks 5 days ago

Do I take my Insulin before meal if Blood Sugar is Low?

Started by Susiecue 20 weeks 5 days ago

Low TSH, Normal T3 & T4's?

Started by CloverGirl 7 years 19 weeks ago

Symptoms of diabetes?

Started by LeonaWilde 1 year 5 weeks ago

Thyroid and parathyroid challenges

Started by Mrock 23 weeks 15 hours ago

Throat squeezing

Started by Anya 24 weeks 2 days ago

Trouble swallowng

Started by Froggie 24 weeks 3 days ago

High Prolactin Levels: Hyperprolactinemia

Started by Jonathan123 36 weeks 5 days ago

post I-131 for graves/hashimoto - now hyperthyroid again?

Started by Sue89502 25 weeks 6 days ago

Can an ablated thyroid start functioning again?

Started by Sue89502 2 years 3 weeks ago

Still hypothyroidism? Low TSH, normal T4

Started by twoolf9 27 weeks 2 days ago

Cialis is the prime cause of my body chills (hypothyroidism)

Started by maaa1234 27 weeks 2 days ago

High free t4 but normal TSH and T3

Started by olga2018 28 weeks 4 days ago

T4 and T3 Values - please advice!

Started by Alexandra 28 weeks 4 days ago


Started by Alexandra 29 weeks 6 days ago

Total thyroidectomy and anxiety, brain fog etc

Started by fastregalwe2 29 weeks 3 days ago

Hashimoto thyroiditus treatment

Started by Sbranger 29 weeks 3 days ago

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