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Weird throat sensation

Started by armedchixrule 3 years 27 weeks ago

Weight gain with tyroid treatment

Started by Nay1024 50 weeks 4 days ago

Post thyroidectomy palps

Started by Pacino85 50 weeks 3 days ago


Started by CoralK 51 weeks 1 day ago

Symptoms vs. labs

Started by LSchuman 51 weeks 1 day ago

Thyroid bloods

Started by Allegro 51 weeks 4 days ago

Hyperthyroidism=Graves disease

Started by Sandra Sheppard 51 weeks 6 days ago


Started by Aybarron@my.che... 1 year 2 days ago

multiple hypo echoic nodules

Started by tonis 1 year 6 days ago

TSH way above normal value

Started by subramanian.sairam 1 year 3 weeks ago


Started by Laurabarz 1 year 1 week ago

Hashimoto's and Fatty Stool

Started by esme2004 1 year 1 week ago

Thyroid TR5 nodule

Started by Adys123 1 year 3 weeks ago

Weight gain if treated?

Started by Ktalks 1 year 4 weeks ago

My TSH decreased by 3 in 6 weeks.

Started by ramos46 1 year 5 weeks ago

May be overmedicated

Started by Mcirish2825 1 year 5 weeks ago


Started by seamancc175 2 years 41 weeks ago

Thyroid Nodules

Started by Dolphiam 1 year 6 weeks ago

Treatment of Hypothyroidism

Started by gimel 1 year 7 weeks ago