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Enlarged Thyroid

Started by Chicagogrl1 1 year 7 weeks ago

Endo not testing what I'd expect

Started by mollyelphie 1 year 7 weeks ago

Weird throat sensation

Started by armedchixrule 1 year 8 weeks ago

Low TSH, Normal T3 & T4

Started by sidrajohnson 1 year 8 weeks ago

High Calcium and normal parathyroid?

Started by evan015 1 year 8 weeks ago

Apple Watch used to support Addison's Disease?

Started by dberg 1 year 8 weeks ago

Can hyperparathyroism cause craving for sweets? Weight gain?

Started by Radiated2Much 1 year 19 weeks ago

adrenal cancer (ACC)

Started by encbeach 1 year 9 weeks ago

Am I totally off base?

Started by Emqtee 2 years 19 weeks ago

Doctor says to just wait and retest again in 6 months.

Started by HashimotoTwin 1 year 49 weeks ago

Arm Pain

Started by Tim1167 1 year 11 weeks ago

Curious about my severe hyperthyroidism

Started by Sgtswife 1 year 10 weeks ago

Hashimotos and heat intolerance

Started by dschuck1227 1 year 17 weeks ago

Could it be thyroid cancer?

Started by Chazzaem1998 1 year 16 weeks ago

Help with TSH, T3/T4, and Thyroid antibody levels?

Started by Kirsty7771 1 year 11 weeks ago

26 and I feel like death! Please help.. hashimotos? Adrenals?

Started by Daisy100777 1 year 10 weeks ago

For non-converting thyroid, synthroid is NOT the answer!

Started by arugala 1 year 32 weeks ago

Normal thyroid levels, but high reverse t3? Still feel sick!

Started by Kirsty7771 1 year 11 weeks ago

Hashimoto's fainting episodes?

Started by Listerineyana 1 year 11 weeks ago

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