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Hyperparathyriodism and thyroid nodules

Started by Confused1981 2 years 15 weeks ago

How long for TSH to get to normal?

Started by Jodi8134 24 weeks 1 day ago

Having Radioactive iodine treatment in 2 months.

Started by doris182004 7 years 31 weeks ago


Started by shirley.tysdal@... 4 years 27 weeks ago

Synthroid & Armour together?

Started by PammyK 2 years 11 weeks ago

Super High Reverse T3?

Started by fyrefox_01 14 weeks 10 hours ago


Started by shezz 6 years 4 weeks ago

HELP ! Hair falling out armour Thyroid

Started by hydrin 4 years 12 weeks ago

4 Months on Meds - from TSH 0.01 -> TSH 9.19!

Started by 111wpm 2 years 9 weeks ago

Hypo symptoms

Started by Alundy 5 weeks 2 days ago

Any trials that I can get involved in?

Started by Type 1 Mom 7 years 26 weeks ago

Help & advice needed

Started by tiredmommy 4 years 4 weeks ago

No diagnosis, looking for help!

Started by Meekits 2 years 6 weeks ago

Cytomel Unavailable

Started by Soosie 1 day 17 hours ago

Feel angry, chest hurts a lot, and have no patience :(

Started by Littlenola 7 years 23 weeks ago

Are symptoms thyroid related or drug related?diabetes?

Started by thyroidproblem1 3 years 23 weeks ago

Hashimotos advice

Started by amac111 2 years 3 weeks ago

Thyroid hormones

Started by dewey 9 years 10 weeks ago

Childish face

Started by italianfriend 7 years 19 weeks ago

Confusing Symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroidism

Started by Kayla1990 3 years 41 weeks ago

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