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Thyroid antibody blood test

Started by cally82 7 years 37 weeks ago

Hypothyroid and Pre Diabetes

Started by elmas 5 years 37 weeks ago

blood results am worried

Started by crinkle 2 years 10 weeks ago

Overactive again?

Started by lilacsuz 43 weeks 4 days ago

post surgical hypothyroidism, 5 year and counting with NO HELP

Started by pissedoff 7 years 30 weeks ago

Doctors not listening

Started by Kandy1131 2 years 5 weeks ago

Total T3 level 543

Started by rlillian1694 30 weeks 4 days ago

Do Doctors have a don't ask don't tell policy?

Started by cryoutloud 7 years 25 weeks ago

confusion on tsh level please help

Started by annies mom 5 years 19 weeks ago

Son's high TSH with normal fT4 levels

Started by CHAPPLEJ 2 years 2 weeks ago

Thyroid and parathyroid challenges

Started by Mrock 1 week 4 days ago

what will be happend ?

Started by sukanya 6 years 48 weeks ago

Bad test results last week, good ones this week?

Started by thedryer 5 years 7 weeks ago

My blood tests

Started by dianacevallos88 1 year 50 weeks ago

hello, really need some advice

Started by Jan87 5 years 46 weeks ago

Does Carbimazole slow down Graves disease? I'm so confused

Started by NK_2013 4 years 47 weeks ago


Started by mohamedamin700 1 year 47 weeks ago

Abnormal result

Started by Paul L 8 weeks 5 days ago

Lymph nodes

Started by lilmomma21 7 years 14 weeks ago

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