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kidney stones removed but huge abdominal swelling

From: bubbleinthemiddle - 7 years 43 weeks ago

almost 16 YEARS ago i had a kidney stone. Then a few weeks later I went from a size 9 to size 12 overnight and contuined for 3 weeks until i reached a size 22. i was terrified along with everyone who knew me. i had always been healthy. i can't count the number of doctors i went to but no one knew anything and sent me to the next doctor. i ended up losing my gallbladder and appendix and would have let them take anything else they "thought" may be the problem. nothing worked and about 11 months after this wierd thing started, I woke up several sizes smaller. i have pictures and family friends and coworkers who watched this process so as unbelievavle as it sounds it is true. i never reached my size 9 again but i was so super thankful that i could breath easier and walk without my legs rubbing together. i had several months of feeling better and was a happy camper because it was over. but it wasn't. i had another episode but this time i had major pain in my chest area in one spot and the only thing that got bigger was my abdominal area. back to the doctor guessing game and still no one knew. then the thing was over again. this time i had over 3 years of normal life and was it grand. then on Thanksgiving day of 2007 the kidney stones started and i had to have them removed 4 times with the last one being in April of 2008. i kept a fever and had lots of antibiotics but the stones were gone. then i get a abscess on my kidney. more drugs and fevers but finally that ended in june of 2008. all is well for awhile then in October 2008 I get this pain in the middle of my chest in the same spot as before and guess what... the swelling starts again. i mean severe swelling.. like a pregnant woman at 9 months. i am so tired. the doctor visits and test start again. this process goes until may of 2009 and then its gone again. i still feel alittle puffy but compared to "budda" (thats the name i have given it) i feel great. well december of 2009 it started again and it is FEB of 2011 and nothing is diagnosed. is there another freak out there like me.. last year alone i had heart test,lung test, upper GI, celiac test, a zillion xrays, ct scans and more if i could remember. the last few months i noticed my feet and hands were swollen alittle when i woke up but no biggie. now my face is puffy. if i stay on my feet for more than a few hours then the swelling gets bigger. is there anyone else having problems with swelling and kidneys.

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I realize this is an old post but i have the SAME problem and am desperate to find an answer. I can't understand how it can be so impossible to find out what's wrong with something SO easily seen. I am a young single mom who put the social life aside for 3yrs to fight Breast cancer. I had finally reached a point where I felt ready to get back in the world when I gained my "kidney baby". I want my life back. Does ANYBODY know what this might be?

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