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Help with bloodwork numbers

From: Jadaj1979 - 3 years 7 weeks ago

Hello :),
I am seeking help with understanding my blood work numbers that I ordered myself. I sometimes have a swollen tender thyroid and sometimes I don't. I got the tests run for that reason ,but, also for low energy and brain fog. I'm trying to avoid paying for doctors since I have no insurance but of course I will If it boils down to that ! Any help would be so appreciated there are no words to describe .
Thyroid #'s
TSH 0.017 (I was flagged on this)
Thyroxine T4 10.5
T3 uptake 28
Free Thyroxine Index 2.9

C- reactive protien 7.9 (flagged as high )

I had an arthritic wellness test done and every last other 50 things they tested was normal . I know I have a problem but I'm not sure if it's thyroid , pituitary , adrenal etc. Thank you to anyone with some help and clarity on which direction I should move in !!

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