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Hormones levels

From: nikol1987 - 5 years 45 weeks ago

androstendion 29,1 ( 1,7-16,4)nmol/L
testosteron( i think free) 5,3 ( 0,4-2,74)nmol/L
17-oh prog 5,5 ( 0,33-3,27)
cortisol morning 1047 (138-689)nM

I repeat cortisol after one month
morning 9am 433,1 (119-618)
afternon 4pm 446,4 ( 85-460)
( i read that cortisol have to be dropping )

Those are my lab test.
LH, FSH, Prolaktin, progesterone, free testosterone, dheaso4, shgb were normal.

i had laparoscopy surgery of teratoma on my right ovarie when i was 22y.

for long time a have pain in my left side of abdominal, i feel like a have flue, but i don't have, i cant stand cold time, my legs are allways cold, i don't have extra weight, no extra hair on my body, i'm having problems with breathing and feel pressure in my chest, i feel tired , but i cant sleep, usually sleep well just when i'm on pills, and i wake up as a zombie,and lot more of it....

i get yaz pills after surgery, and i quit with yaz and started with antidepressive because few doctors told me i have depression and anxiety and i was to worry about my health.
i'm usually positive persone and i fight with my deppresed mind, but sometimes i thing that my body is depressing me , not my state of my...

i would love to some to talk who knows more about this results and conditions,
i will go to endo doc next week, but i will love to get more information, just to know for what to prepare.

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