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From: Barj1955 - 9 weeks 5 hours ago

I am so thankful to find some understanding. Visits to Drs. Has been exhausting due to the same comments, "you are one of the healthiest people I see, by what I see.". Well, I don't feel like it. So I am turning to nutrition. And I mean to the point of everything that I know isn't right. Carrot juice for blurred vision, extreme amount of the healthiest greens for vitamins and iron (boosts energy), flaxseed oil, fish oil, grapefruit (cortisol support), biotin for hair loss, blueberries, strawberries, rasberries for brain fog bananas for potassium. If I do not feel like juicing, I at least buy juice and use a bullet to break down the food to a smoothy. I can not find out what it is going on so I am going to try to be the healthiest otherwise, through food and exercise. You cannot properly produce certain hormones without exercise. Study your symptoms eat what strengthens those areas. Get off sugar, soda, and fast food; all those preservatives are killing us and so are the artificial sweeteners. Get a colonic cleanse or do it yourself at least once a year. At least you will feel better. Happy Nutrition!

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