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Needing help/ suggestions

From: shaydylady - 4 years 5 weeks ago

I am 30 years old and have been pretty healthy, up until this past couple years, but more specifically this past 8 months.
My symptoms started to be more bothersome in March 2017. Starting head ache, vision is off (ophthalmologist said no change), constant head ache, nausea, feeling full or bloated, frequent urination, muscle weakness, extreme fatigue (falling asleep even taking ADHD stimulates) and have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep. often waking up and having to eat something before I can fall back to sleep, changes in bowel movements (not being able to go for up to a week, or opposite), anxiety, dizzy, weight loss (lost about 20 pounds in the past 8 months, down to 108lbs), tender/soar breasts with lactation (never had children) I was lactating in both breasts for the first few months, and now it is only the left breast, absence in menstrual cycle/ going 2- 3 months with nothing other than spotting/bleeding and pain after sex. I have since had 2 periods within normal time frame but previous to now my periods have always been 1-3 days max, now they are now 5-7 days, mostly clots and very painful.
My lower abdomen is swollen/ tender (more prominent on right side).
I never had acne growing up, but my face and chest are breaking out. My hair that was once very thick and healthy is falling out in handfuls, I don't want to wash or even brush my hair because of how much I'm loosing. My teeth have always been very soft and prone to decay since I was really little, but they have recently become lose.
I have had a million tests done, an MRI, CT, ultrasound. I've seen an endocrinologist, GYN, and GI. The doctors all tell me that my tests any everything look normal, but there has to be something causing all of this.
I am at a loss, I just want to know what is wrong so I can treat it and start feeling better.

my labs:
WBC- 3.1 BUN- 7
RBC- 4.41 Creative- .73
Hemoglobin- 12.7 Ca- 9.1
Hct- 41.5 GFR, Estimated-109
MCV- 80.4 lactic Acid- .7
MCH- 29.6 Lipase- 22
MCHC- 31.7 Epithelial cells- 10
PLTS- 345 25 Hydroxyvitamin D2 & D3- 6 (have been taking 50,000 iu's, is now 57)
MPV- 10.6 B12- 246
Na- 137 Neut, Abs- 4.8
K- 3.8 Neut Auto- 66.8
CI- 104 Lymph %- 27.9
CO2- 28
Anion Gap-5
Glucose 109

Cholesterol- 149 Triglycerides- 61
HDL- 44 Non LDL- 44
VLDL- 12 LDL- 93
Chol/HDL- 3.4

Cortisol- 21.1
ACTH- <5
ACTH Stimulation test (0 and 60 min)
- Baseline cortisol- 11.4
- Cortisol, 1h- 22.1

Taken in the Follicular phase (first day of period)
Estradiol- 27
FSH- 7.3
Free T4- .89
Luteinizing hormone- 5.2
Prolactin- 10.1

Testosterone by tandem mass spectrometry- 17
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin- 156
Testosterone, Free- .9
Testosterone, Bioavailable- 2.6

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2 Responses

Is this good advice?

My daughter was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease 18 mths ago. Previously she had had her thyroid tested on many occasions, it always came up as normal! Then she changed Dr's & the test came back with Hashimotos & was told by the Dr that she more than likely had had the disease for many years.
When my daughter questioned why it hadn't been diagnosed before the Dr said that previous Dr's hadn't specifically requested checking for Hashimoto disease! I'm not suggesting that you have this disease, merely pointing out that apparently the pathologists have to be told to look for a certain thing which in my view is pretty pathetic! I do hope that you get an answer soon, I find Iradoligists are great with diagnosis.

Is this good advice?

I agree, it is so frustrating providers don't try harder to rule things out when clearly there is something wrong. I will have to start asking for specific tests. Thank you.