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Working with her anger

From: Junior - 3 years 48 weeks ago

My Gf of almost 7 yrs been depressed and angry over the last 3.5 yrs I'd say. Diagnosed 2yrs ago with Addison, and hyperthyroidism. Many things happened over this whole time but has been a lot of rage and almost making bad decisions due to it more lately. I feel like leaving her and her 9yr old daughter, or thought that until i have looked up more on this condition. It's very hard to keep it together and it has small ups and more downs to work threw. She s smart and funny, a great person but problems were there in the beginning from family trauma also as a young girl. I am the financial support and handy man at home. I'm trying to work with being her support, but when rage is happening I just want to run or say things back I don't mean or I'll regret. Going nuts. I know She s in pain. If any comments out there. I'd appreciate it. Sorry to seem to be thinking of my self in this. Also She is very stubborn on trying new things.

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Hi, I have Addison & hypothyroid for 27 years, yes at the beginning it was a rollercoaster, my husband is a great supporter & you have to work through the ups & downs if you truly love her. It's not easy at the beginning but over time the Addison will be looked at as just a Diease that's there. Addison & thyroid will flair up sometimes & it has to be delt with, just like the flu.