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Low Cortisol. Feeling horrible.

From: jeremyh - 4 years 28 weeks ago

I have been seeing an endocrinologist who is at this point unsure whats wrong. My cortisol levels stay between 1.3-4.3 at 8am which is low but my ACTH is 18 at 8am. They did a ACTH stimulation test and it came back 39. I have horrible aches and pain in my back which is horrible, I have low to no energy at all, I feel dehydrated no matter how much water I drink. If you have any idea what this might be please let me know. My endo isn't able to put the pieces together and I am falling apart at the seams health wise. Thank you in advance for all of your reply's.

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You have to have a four point 24 hour saliva test to get a good picture of what is going on with the adrenals. Is he only testing you in the morning? Can you sleep at night or is that when you "wake up?"

Your aldosterone is probably low too and also your DHEA. Did your endo test it? Have they tested you for Addisons? You could have an autoimmune condition that is attacking your adrenals.

Have you had your blood pressure taking while laying down and then a second reading while standing?

Endos are known to be awful with thyroid and adrenal stuff. I would focus on finding a Functional Medical doctor.

Some people have to take cortisol to replace what their body is not making and then give their body a rest from trying to make it when it cannot. Please search "Safe Uses of Cortisol."

Is this good advice?

ya my doctor called and told me my cortisol is low I been having anxiety and headaches and joint pain and I was told I'm low on iron. so he told me to take iron tablets and see a endo too. I also don't get much sleep I keep waking up.