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Posted in: Addison's Disease.

congenital adrenal hyperplasia

From: Abruens - 7 years 46 weeks ago

My son is 11yrs old and we have lived with his condition his entire life. Lately I have noticed a large increase in weight gain, mood swings and some signs of depression. Ive talked to his doctor about if any of these are connected to his condition and they say it could be but kinda blow me off when I discuss some sort of treatment. does anyone else have these symptons??? any ideas of what i could do?

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Hi there, I am new here, although, not new to the Endocrine issues. I have M.E.N.1. I developed Adrenal Insufficiency, several yrs. ago, after too many surgeries & basically, my body went into shock. But, I too, of late have started developing weight gain, my feet & hands, so swollen, I can't wear my shoes! Mood swongs so bad, my family has written me off! They don't understand this illness. I have called my Dr.'s many times & finally requested a complete blood work-up, which wil prove my potassium increase! I hope! I will let you know what happens from here, as I just had my blood draw, yesterday. Good-luck to you & your young son, periwinkle

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