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Sorry to say this but after just spending almost a month there and coming home with NO answers, that my local dr's sent me there for, besides spending a fortune for their "valued opinion", just seems wrong! I actually left there worse than when I went. I'm not sure what has happened to our medical system, but if you are a very complicated patient, with complex medical issues, seems to be very few doctors willing to take the time or effort to find the root cause for "complex medical problems". If, after a few blood tests, or a scan, etc., they don't "find" the answer, they push you off to another doctor or simply blame it all on something emotional, rather than looking a little deeper or (God forbid) admit they don't know.
I have worked in the medical for 20 years and watched from the other side what insurance companies have done to the medical community and fought darn hard for the wonderful dr's I worked for. Now, being on the patient side, I have to wonder why I fought so hard. It appears that the lack of $$ being paid to dr's for their work now dictates how they care for patients!! Very, very sad.

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Your posting certainly got my attention. Yesterday, for the second time, my dr of internal medicine insisted that I go to a scheduled Mayo appointment 3/9 to address continuing problems with hypoglycemia and suspected hypothyroidism. My reading (with brain fog) continues to alert me to the fact that it takes a lot of time, experimentation, and attention to data to determine anything concrete in this arena. You have re-enforced my feeling that a one-time visit to such an institution may not provide the answers. There must be a better way for these types of ailments. Thank you for describing your experience.

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