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Newbie symptoms...maybe hashimoto's?

From: Kelbelle - 4 years 6 weeks ago

- swollen face, neck, arms, fingers and feet
- pain in fingertips
- bloating, (so uncomfortable! gained maybe 30-35 pds.
- easily cold
- dry skin, flushed, lil bumps arms, chest
- muscle pain, joint
- constipation and pee dribbles, no uti
- numbness, pins, needles
so I went to nuero, he said he woupd like to check antibodies. They took 12 blood tubes! I can't wait for dx and so uncomfortable and panic attacks geez GO AWAY.Panicking in am/pm...cant sleep good. Loud noises bother me? Im aggitated.
I think I have been short w/ people and maybe mean.

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Anxiety is often an adrenal issue. The thyroid and adrenals have an inverse relationship. When the thyroid is not working so well, the adrenals try to compensate and send out cortisol. After a while they get worn out. Then they start to not produce it in the morning and it takes them all day to build up enough and they start to send it out in the evening and at night. Which makes sleeping nearly impossible. You can take a 4 point 24 hour saliva cortisol test. It will give you your results for 8am, 12noon, 5pm and 10pm. Mine was high at 5 and 10 and low at 8 and noon. I worked on lowering my highs with cortisol lowering herbs such as holy basil an hour before my highs kicked in (so at 4pm and at 9pm). That taught my body not to go into the highs and brought up my lows, as well. Sounds like you are still hypo too. You will have to get optimal with that. So you would need these tests at minimum, FT3, FT4, RT3, TSH. Also the two antibody tests would be great. FT3 should be in the top three quarters of the range for one to feel optimal/good. Most doctors are fine with it being in range anywhere but that is how people are kept sick.