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what is wrong with me?

From: LeonaWilde - 5 years 33 weeks ago

I have been suffering for the past two years from extreme headaches. I'm also very tired, even though I sleep like a rock. I have always been active but now it takes extra effort to even find the energy to attempt exercising. I have a fever, too, that varies from 37,7 to 38,9 degrees. Often, I feel very cold and I get chills. I am nauseas all the time, very thirsty, metabolism is very slow and lately, my stomach has been rumbling strangely too. The list goes on. The doctors have done many tests but all of them give 'normal' results. They blood tested me for vitamines, B12, thyriod, kidney, liver, diabetes, lyme's disease, leucocytes, allergies.. They even sent me to a phsychiatrist because they thought I was depressed or this was all due to some kind of traumatic event, but nothing came out. This was expected from me, I was kind of forced by my family to go there to prove it really wasn't. I know I am not depressed, or imagining things like they are telling me now, I still feel mentally alright. It's the physical part that is more than bothering me. I do have symtoms of Addison's disease and a few of hypothyroidism, but lately (due to my stomach rumbling) I've been thinking of Crohn's disease.

I'm afraid to go back to the doctor, even though I will have to, because I know it will be difficult to get him to test me for other things. I need to have good reasons, or else he'll just say he's done everything for me and that's it. I don't want to live with a fever and horrible headaches. Can anybody please help me? Tips or advice are very welcome. Maybe there are some people out there that have experienced the same thing I am going through, or are experiencing it too.


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