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any help

From: debleo814 - 9 years 2 weeks ago

april 9th had cat scan showed growths on glands , but after having back surgery when knew something was wrong felt different scared and blood pressure was now thru roof but before even knowing anything was losing weight but now after having blood work cortisol wasat 21-7 and dhea are low 13
then did next test with pill cortisol was elevated , been to endocrine dr who was doing feelowship at boston hosptial she was first checking for addisons and then tested for cushings to date left hanging weight gain in belly area has increased and blood pressure needs to be kept down with meds
know not getting treatment and know something wrong how do i get dr to finish what she started?? she had told me remove growths then she changed her mond left me hanging my primary care dr doesnt know whats going on
but i feel my body telling me and how do get dr do something
before back surgery was having episodes of low blood pressure but didnt know what was going on after having back surgery when body told i try explain this dr but get no where 1 growth is 5mm the other 2mm?? going for another cat scan in dec but from what read more test should be done they are not doing them does anyone know where i can go get real help
hardly sleep take 7 pills to get 3 hours sleep like body doesnt allow me shut down dont know how much longer body can take this help please does anyone know dr in ma. area that can help me, or how do get dr to treat whats already showed up on test???
thank for any info

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I know it has been a long time since you posted and I hope you have found some help by now. If you are still struggling I would go to this site:
and go to the bottom of the page, and find the information on "Call Val" she would know how to help you.


Is this good advice?

I was diagnosed with Cushings last year after having a seizure in which they did an MRI and the found a small growth on my pituatary gland. I have been thru a battery of test which included the dexamathozone and the 24 hour urine specimen to confirm because the disease is so rare and hard to diagnose. I just switched doctors because i was originally diagnosed in TX and moved to VA so the doctors have to do there own lab work to confirm the other doctors. I have been blessed where my doctors have been very vigilant in making sure that my diagonsis and treatment are done as soon as possible. My endocrinologist is referring me to the NIH which is located in Bethesda, MD because she states that they are one of the best hosp who are very knowledgeable about Cushings and can perform the surgery that I will need to remove this growth. However, my doctor did state that there are two other locations that are very good in the treatment of cushings and on is located in Boston and the other at the Univeristy of of Virginia. Personally, If your doctor isn't giving you the support or doing the follow-ups to make a diagnosis you may want to check into someone else. An Endocrinologist would be the first to consult seeing that they specialize in these types of disorders/diseases. I hope that you are able to get the help that you need because this disease can lead up to other disorders to the body. I also have a thyroid condition which doesn't make things any better

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