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HELP ! Hair falling out armour Thyroid~

From: paxakyx7367 - 4 years 4 weeks ago

Hi: I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's last Summer and was prescribed Thyroxine but had muscle aches with that . The endo changed my prescription to tirosint which was not much better. He finally decided to try me on Armour which worked well for a short time but now I am feeling like I am 80 years old, body aches, the bottom of my feet burn and hurt if I walk any distance. I stopped taking everything for a month and felt much better but now see that my hair at my hairline is thinning and I am wondering is it because I stopped the Armour thyroid after being on it for around 6 months or is it actually from that medication. I am so confused I don't know what is causing this hair loss but now I am afraid not to take the Armour even though it makes me feel terrible for fear the reason I am losing my hair was because I stopped it for a month. Has anyone had hair loss with armour thyroid I am on 15 mg per day,,

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Seriously...try organic Bone broth you can find it in bulk on Amazon AND it has given me significant results! I have Graves n my 2 most alarming symptoms were brittle fingernails and my hair was falling out!! I've been using the Bone broth for 5 months now, my hair stopped falling out within a month and my nails are getting stronger weekly....if I'd keep my hands out of the dirt n garden they'd probably look even better!
There are more expensive Bone broth products out there, but this one works great n the company is wonderful about answering any questions you might have!
Of course I've changed my diet n added some much needed immune support supplements too. Hope this works for you God bless.