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Posted in: Acromegaly.

PTH blood test,,

From: paxakyx7367 - 2 years 44 weeks ago

I have severe RA and get blood tests every 3-4 months, this month my test showed a high PTH (100), everything else was normal (and has been normal for years) what is the percentage of false positives in these tests? If it is the start of something what would it be? Hyperparathyroidism? What should my next step be? I should probably mention that my diet really stinks because of dental problems that I don't have the money to fix and pre-diabetes isn't out of the question because of my weight, but I have no test results showing that.. Thank you for your help..

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Did you have your calcium level tested too? This might be a key to what's going on with your PTH, as they are connected.

Also, since you mentioned your diet, a low level of vitamin D can cause elevated PTH levels. You might ask your doctor to order a 25-OH vitamin D test. A lot of people have low vitamin D levels, especially if they don't get out in the sun a lot, and/or don't eat salmon, cod, and haddock. There are not many food sources for vitamin D - milk and other dairy are fortified with it but it's hard to get sufficient levels from just those.

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