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Possible hashmitos? Please help

From: MissDeannaMegan - 7 years 6 weeks ago

I was a relatively healthy 25 year old female. Some issues with insomnia, hair loss, fatigue and weight gain. But my very serious health problems started this year. In February while I was at work I started experiancing some pain in my left leg and thought maybe my potassium level was low so I had a banana. When I went home the pain had started to increase and when I changed out of my work clothes I noticed a large rash that looked more like a bruise that was raised and warn to touch on my outter left thigh. I didn't think much of it till I noticed it was growing larger and I was in more pain and running a fever. I went to urgent care the dr there thought I had cellulitis prescribed me Bactrum and norco. The rash did improve and pain and fever did as well. A week later while still on antibiotics the pain and fever came back severely it was even hard for me to walk I went to the er they admitted me. They ran several blood tests,Mris and nothing major came back. No sign of infection accept for my continual fever and pain. They released me 6 days later on nerve medication(neurontin), oxxodone,Ativan, and with a walker. The doctors told me this would just go away. A few days later a rash appeared on my left cheek, with burning pain and a fever. I saw my neurologist who thought maybe I had lupus but my blood test came back normal. Accept my thyroid antibody peroxidose levels they were at 244 when they are supposed to be less than 35. My fever lasted about a month and a half bounced around from 99.9 to 100.5. Though recently it has come back to 99.2 daily to 99.7. Main symptoms are leg pain, sharp, burning, ache, cold feet, left arm pain, anxiety,fatigue,joint pain, stiff muscles, chest pain, not able to daily activities at ease, trouble walking . Newest symptoms are severe daily headaches with left eye pain, neck soreness, trouble sleeping and light sensitivity. I have no idea what's wrong with me I miss my old happy life. I haven't been able to work since this happened or do much of anything. I'm scared of what will happen next and that I won't find an answer. I'm waiting to see an endocrinologist hoping they can help. I want my life back. Hope I can get well enough to work and enjoy the summer and the beach I love. Any ideas? Help please :)

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