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Treatment or Not

Treatment or Not

From: starlight65 - 11 years 23 weeks ago

After an uptake and a sound, I have been diagnosed with Graves. Besides a tremor that is getting better, and thigh weakness from Lipitor, an untreatable condition, I feel great. I have 3 cold nodules and a BIG lump. I have no problem swallowing. They said to come back in six months. Should I seek treatment for the tremors? Or might I have worse problems on the meds. I'm 65, so the lump can stay. I have had this in a smaller way for 8 months, and who knows before then.

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No lump or nodules…but I have the tremors Once you get the levels down the tremors will subside. Been on the meds for two weeks, the tremors have greatly reduced. Do the meds you won’t regret!