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Jessica Rodriguez CNP

Certified Nurse Practitioner
Los Angeles, CA
Jessica Rodriguez CNP is a member of the EndocrineWeb Editorial Board.

About Jessica Rodriguez CNP

Certified nurse practitioner specializing in gerontology and primary care based in Los Angeles, California.

Articles Reviewed by Jessica Rodriguez CNP

Access Obesity Objectively, Not Judgmentally
BMI shouldn't stand alone when diagnosing obesity. Learn why it's important for doctors to consider comorbidities of obesity and patients' full medical history.
Use People First Language in Conversations About Weight Management
Patient first, or people first language, has been shown to reduce stigma & bias felt by patients struggling with obesity and positively impact weight loss success.
Obesity and Stigma: The Joint International Consensus
Obesity bias and stigmatization continue to exist in primary care providers. Our experts discuss how to tackle anti-obesity bias through weight-inclusive care.
What You Should Know About At-Home Thyroid Test Kits
03/30/2021 - At-home thyroid test kits are reliable and accurate, as long as you talk to your doctor about the results when considering treatments.
What Are Menopause and Perimenopause?
Menopause marks the end of a menstrual cycle. Read about common signs and treatments to act on here.
Telemedicine and COVID-19: One Year Later
With relaxed restrictions on telemedicine, thousands of doctors are jumping on board. What to know, where to get help, and how to reassure your patients.
ADA’s 2021 Standards of Care: What To Know Now
How the ADA's guidelines for the treatment of patients with diabetes have changed since last year.
Menopause Is Different for Women of Color
Black and Latina women enter menopause earlier and experience more severe symptoms. But why?
What Is Hyperthyroidism?
Hyperthyroidism is the abnormal function of your thyroid gland. Find out about the causes, symptoms of, diagnosis and treatments for hyperthyroid.
What Is Type 1 Diabetes?
Type 1 diabetes occurs when you can't produce insulin, the hormone required to adjust your blood sugar levels.
Objective Medical Assessments
Base your medical opinion on objective measures of health such as heart rate, blood sugar, cholesterol, and other tests.
Motivational Interviewing
Ask the patient if they want to have the conversation and let them make their own decisions about their health.
It's Complicated: The Relationship Between Your Heart and Hormones
Your hormones play a complex role in your cardiovascular health.

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