Rosemary Black

Freelance Health Writer
Westchester County, NY

About Rosemary Black

Rosemary Black writes about health and food for a variety of magazines and websites. She is the author of six cookbooks, including the Marley Coffee Cookbook, and lives with her family, including seven children in New York.

Articles Written by Rosemary Black

What Do the Revised Physical Activity Guidelines Mean for You?
11/26/2018 - Revised physical activity guidelines indicate that any and all physical activity is essential to promoting good health, especially for those with metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, and to improve balance..
Will Eating a Gluten Free Diet Be Good if I Have Diabetes, Graves', or Heart Disease?
Gluten is often avoided by people who experience GI pain and bloating but it may be that wheat is the culprit since there are other proteins and ingredients of wheat that might be causing the gastrointestinal distress. Following a FODMAP diet that steers you clear of problem foods may be helpful if you have prediabetes, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Graves' disease or obesity.
Barbara Bush Lived a Full Life with Graves' Disease
04/17/2018 - Barbara Bush lives for decades with Graves' disease but died at age 92 from complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
When You Care for Someone with Diabetes, You Need Care too.
Caring for a loved one who has a chronic disease and may be elderly requires added attention to manage your stress and health too.
Can Green Tea or Garlic Prevent Diabetes, Prediabetes?
02/09/2018 - Extracts of green tea and aged garlic may offer some benefits to individuals who have diabetes or who are at risk for the disorder.

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